Diptych Magnolias and Dahlias


This oil diptych of paintings is a stunning portrayal of two pink flowers blooming against a neutral, soft, wavy background. The artwork consists of two rectangular-shaped oil paintings that, when viewed side by side, create a beautiful and harmonious floral display.
One-of-a-kind artwork. Only one is available

Each painting size:  80 x 60 cm | 30 x 24 in


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Made in Armenia, 2021

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Location and Delivery: from Armenia

Mediums: oil, cotton canvas. Each painting protected with varnish on canvas to protect it from the UV and dust

Video of the product

The pink flowers are the focal point of the artwork, standing out boldly against the subtly textured background. The use of oil paints adds depth and richness to the flowers, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.